When I came to the realization that I was unable to care for my mom any longer, I was overwhelmed. I contacted Lynn and she listened with empathy. Her intuitive evaluation of our situation and my mother's needs were reassuring and extremely helpful.

As a result of our work together, mom was place in a personal care home that suited her to a tee. I am so thankful that Lynn

was available during that most difficult time. - Sue Lescinsky

Dear Lynn,

These last eight months have been an extremely stressful time, as you well know.  My mother and step-father had very little resources and needed care in separate and distinct ways:  my step-father needed to go to a permanent facility with my mother striving to remain home.

Not being familiar with elder care situation, I , as I am sure many others have been, was thrown into an arena that was totally unfamiliar, fast paced and emotional.  The constant mental processing of the financial impact of one parent entering a permanent community with the remaining one at home who was desperately trying to stay there, needing assistance themselves with very limited resources.

You not only visited the hospital and spoke with social services ( along with speaking to my step-father ) to get an accurate picture

of the situation but also provided me with the language of the social services community, locations and opinions of the homes.

You helped me with homes that would meet my parent's financial resources.  You were most understanding of the stress that goes

along with the process of working with hospitals  and social services. Besides your expertise, you always returned my phone calls!

Your knowledge of elder care, along with your passion for helping others on top of your commitment to my situation was reassuring

and comforting.

There are those who assist and there are those who have compassion for the cause.

Thank you, Lynn for being so compassionate.

Sincerely, Darla Federinko


Lynn Marting Personal Care Home Consulting, Inc.

Dear Lynn,

Thank you so very much for all the assistance in helping us to select the assisted living facility that best meets mom's needs. When we spoke on the phone the first time, I realized how much we did not know or understand what was involved in selecting the right place,not just for mom's care and safety, but for our own peace of mind. Mom is doing very well and says she is comfortable. The management and staff are nice and the food is good. We are very pleased.Thanks again for your counseling, follow-up and genuine concern.


Judy and Jim Liddel

When I was forced into the situation of finding a personal care facility for a family friend that had nobody to look after her, 
Lynn was a Godsend! Her name was given to me by a social worker at Forbes Regional Hospital who told me Lynn has
been in the business for years and she really knows what to do. And that she did.

I originally called her and gave her a brief description of my circumstances and she listened carefully. Then she told me
what to do. She then held my hand through the "maze" of facilities, gave advice,interviewed my friend who needed a new
home and delivered options for me to consider. She took great strides in getting to know what my friends needs, wants,
​physical and cognitive abilities, financial position, wishes and desires were. This was in order for to suggest some communities that suited her best. She showed no favoritism to any home, community or facility. She laid out the facts as she knew them and gave me all the information she could so that I could make the best decision. if anyone I know is ever in a position that I was with my friend, I would say to them "call Lynn".

 - Mark Becker

Lynn Marting recently helped us to place my father-in-law in a personal care home.  My mother-in-law, who was the care-giver
for dad, unexpectedly got sick and had to be hospitalized. Dad could not be left alone, so my husband had to sleep at their apt. and miss work until we figured out what to do.  Lynn's name was given to me by Area Agency on Aging, and she was a God-send!  She actually answered her cell phone on a Sunday night, met with us for 3 1/2 hours the following day, and suggested
a personal care home which we went to see the next day.  I don't know what we would have done without Lynn's guidance.  
She helped us to assemble all the paperwork, how to apply for the veteran's benefits for dad and was very knowledgeable
of the entire process.  She made sure we visited the personal care home and met with administrators to ensure that we
would be happy with the placement.  She has been in contact with us for the last 6 weeks, making sure that everything was
going smoothly.  Lynn's services did not cost us a penny, but was invaluable.  She knows the facilities, the administrators,
​and the process of placement, which takes a great burden off the family. I highly recommend her services without any reservations whatsoever.

 - Nancy Weaver